Exterior Nissan Sunderland evening

Fact finding and inspiration at Nissan

I am very pleased to report that photographer James Sebright…
St Mary's Island tide in
TVLB watch house

Drama at the Watch House!

Over the years I have recorded in some very different locations…

Portfolio Items

Trust by Roz Wylie

The arrival of a baby can have a profound effect

Butterfly: Two Short Stories from David Wright

Tales from the Bishop Auckland writer

North Pens Writers Podcast: The Dance

Short stories and poetry from Weardale.

From English Idyll to Living Hell: a poem set to music by Rachel Cochrane

Words and music inspired by George Butterworth
soccer football goal keeper making save

What Father Would Have Wanted a short story by Noreen Rees

Sibling rivalry over a father's funeral

Shades of Seville: a solo exhibition

Images and text from this ancient city
conveyor belt Nissan

Journey: a podcast by Rachel Cochrane

A series of haikus to reflect a tour of the Nissan plant

Crossing the Tees Festival podcast: A Trip to Teesside

Poetry and stories on visiting the Tees Valley