Exterior Nissan Sunderland evening

Fact finding and inspiration at Nissan

I am very pleased to report that photographer James Sebright…
Revenge is a Dish bw FONO x900

'For One Night Only' an evening of short plays by Rachel Cochrane

Thanks to everyone who came along to Stocksfield Community Centre…

Fringe Benefits

Just catching my breath after the whirlwind few days at The Edinburgh…
Celia vs David

Celia vs David: An evening of monologues on mid-life musings

Some of you may already be familiar with that middle-aged minx,…

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Poetry (and Short Stories)

It was a crisp spring day with the promise of snow when I met…
Celia ep2

Celia episode 2

That evening Celia recounts the events of the afternoon. CLICK…
Celia ep3

Celia episode 3

Celia continues to recount the events of earlier that day. CLICK…

Portfolio Items

Trust by Roz Wylie

The arrival of a baby can have a profound effect
North Pens Writers Group

Recording the North Pens Writers

Giving a voice to writers and their work
Rain drops on the window

Pissin' Down by Jen Brown

From The Underwriters project at Live Theatre, Newcastle.
Three empty frames

Moth a monologue by Degna Stone

From The Underwriters' Project at Live Theatre, Newcastle