About Rachel Cochrane

A writer with a passion for helping you to get your words out

To Rachel Cochrane, creativity is a way of thinking.  Creatively solving problems by looking at life differently, she thinks, is as valuable to today’s society as producing a piece of art. That’s why, through her business activities, Rachel does both.

As well as being a keen writer herself and an avid supporter of other new and established writers, Rachel is also an innovator – finding new ways to help people and organisations to reach out to new audiences, and to get a better understanding of the world we live in, through creative writing and storytelling.

Rachel’s own story

listenupnorthHaving originally trained as a pharmacist, Rachel worked in the profession for almost 20 years before realising that she needed to release her creative tension!  Soon after the Millennium she changed careers, initially becoming a full-time writer.  She then recognised how powerful the advent of digital media & technology could be in enabling her and other writers to reach new audiences. That led to setting up spoken word website listenupnorth.com in 2010.

Ultimately as her activities and services extended far beyond her original brief, rachelcochrane.com was launched to showcase how Rachel is reaching out to new audiences, encouraging people to write, and capturing a whole raft of stories, perspectives and information through her skilful audio recording.  listenupnorth is now part of rachelcochrane.com and continues to provide amazing audio entertainment.

Rachel Cochrane the writer

Rachel loves local history and living in the North East and this is reflected in her writing and creative projects.  She is  particularly inspired by photography – especially old pictures – the imprint of a person long gone. What is their story?

Her own writing is mostly drama in the form of online radio plays, films & stage plays; usually with a strong central character taking her and her audience on their journey.  Ideas are triggered by seemingly ordinary occurrences in Rachel’s life that suggest possibilities. Rachel particularly enjoys writing monologues and Alan Bennett is one of her literary heroes.

You can enjoy a selection of Rachel’s growing collection of writing here.